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Fast-Track Program

If time is a factor, then the most effective way to learn a new language quickly is by participating in our "Fast Track" international business language course. We guarantee basic conversational fluency within a four-week period.

Depending on your language competency deadline, Business Linguistics can provide intensive private language instruction up to six days a week. Working with a private instructor, you will learn how to speak your target language, as well as focus on terminology specific to your profession.

Once an analysis of current competency and language needs has been performed, our language instructors will emphasize conversation within different situations including:

  • Telephone dialogue
  • Business meetings
  • Lunch conversation
  • Gathering conversation

Overseas Instruction

If you frequently travel overseas, we have the solution. You can take the classes at our location while you are local, and also continue your classes when overseas. We know that the key to learning a new language is avoiding breaks in the learning process, and offer you the opportunity to continue your language study overseas. We will coordinate all of you overseas classes,making it easier for you to complete your language education. Another advantage to overseas instruction is the opportunity to learn a language in a country where that language is frequently spoken. You get involved not only with the language, but also with the culture. The length and intensity of these overseas programs vary according to your needs, and can adjust any program to your special requirements.

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