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Language Instruction

Learning a Foreign Language

If you are interested in learning a foreign language, please contact us and inquire about a free language assessment. Our classes are interactive and emphasize oral participation on a conversational approach so that your learning experience will be more enjoyable. All of our instructors are native-speakers who are highly experienced and trained to help you achieve your goal whether it is to manage on a trip or to be completely fluent."

Overcoming Cultural Barriers

There are regional cultures, national cultures and even corporate cultures. The more we become aware of the underlying cultural patterns which shape perception, the more effective we will be in avoiding unintended reactions. As a business traveler or transferee in today's global market, it is essential to have an understanding of the social patterns of your target culture in order to overcome culture gaps, negotiate effectively across cultures and achieve mutual respect and understanding.

Creating successful business relationships through cultural understanding is the focus of our international orientation classes. Our programs are customized to accommodate your specific needs and business objectives. We offer you experienced instructors who are natives of the culture of interest. Through a thorough needs analysis our instructors are able to pinpoint specific areas of emphasis. Appropriate social behavior, business etiquette and protocol of the target culture are a few of the focus TOPics.

Whether you are conducting business abroad or working with internationals in the States, Business Linguistics can prepare you for effective business interaction at a very competitive price.

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Professional / ESL Business Writing

Everyone can profit from learning better writing skills, no matter the occupation. Good writing is effective and gets its point across. It communicates. If your goal is to convey information, then you will want to do so clearly and quickly. If your goal is to persuade, you will want the reader to follow your line of reasoning willingly. Effective writing saves time and money.

At Business Linguistics, the writing courses, both the professional and the ESL, are offered in a private setting, in order to accommodate to the busiest of schedules and to address the personal and business needs of every student.

The instructor will focus on the student's particular language and writing skills needs intensively. The results are noticeable in a very short period of time.

Part I - Writing Process / Working with Sources:

  • Keys to effective writing
  • The writing process
  • MLA, APA Documentation
  • Special writing situations

Part II - Sentence - Level Issues:

  • Style and sentence review
  • Common sentence problems for ESL writers
  • Spelling and Punctuation
  • Format and mechanics
  • Business and Technical writing
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Foreign Accent Reduction

Improper pronunciation, awkward pauses and misplaced emphasis in verbal communication inhibit effective understanding and ultimately, productivity in the work place. Business Linguistics' Foreign Accent Reduction Training course offers a cost-effective answer to overcoming both foreign language accents and regional American dialects that impede clear communication in a professional environment.

Our Foreign Accent Reduction Training course is an innovative pronunciation class for professionals seeking to improve oral linguistics. Participants will learn how to use rhythm, stress and intonation to clearly enunciate North American English. Using recorded dictation, individuals will be able to benchmark improvement and determine where further corrections should be made. Upon completion, students will display measurable improvements in pronunciation as well as use more appropriate pauses, hesitations and interruptions that occur in the authentic English language.

Business Linguistics includes grammar, idioms and business writing techniques within the Foreign Accent Reduction Training Course.

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Public Speaking

When you make oral presentations, you want your message to be delivered clearly, correctly, and to be meaningful to your audience. Not just what you say with your words is important, but also what you express with your body and gestures.

In our Public Speaking courses, we teach the basic skills that will encourage self-confidence on our students for the rest of their lives. In addition to developing and polishing their presentation skills, we teach them how to compose meaningful and coherent messages and adapt them to particular situations and audiences, to conduct responsible research, to argue and engage opposing viewpoints constructively, and to develop critical and constructive listening skills.

Our primary focus is on building the skills students need to make effective public presentations. We tell them what to do, how to do it, and why it should be done, to be more meaningful and have a better and more lasting speech.

Business Linguistics, Inc. includes in its Public Speaking courses, role-play, reading, discussion, and listening exercises, as well as group activities when applicable.

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